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The first Wesleyan missionaries came to France from Great Britain via the Channel Islands in 1791. About sixty years later, the still relatively small movement was consolidated to form the French Wesleyan Conference. This conference remained in existence until shortly before the Second World War. Then, sixteen congregations voted to join the French Reformed Church. Six congregations in the south-eastern part of the country broke away because they were unwilling to take this step. During the following decades, they continued to exist, along with two more congregations, as autonomous “Églises Évangéliques Méthodistes de France” (EMF), and numbered about 1 500 members and friends.

The “Union de l’Église Évangélique Méthodiste en France” (UEEMF) was founded in 1868, when the Annual Conference of the « Evangelische Gemeinschaft » in Switzerland sent a German-speaking American missionary, M. Schnatz, to Strasbourg with the purpose of initiating a German-speaking congregation there. He received the necessary authorisation for his work from the Imperial Prefect of the Bas-Rhin on the 24th December of the same year. Other missionaries from Germany and Switzerland came to the surrounding cities with the similar intentions. From these efforts, the nine congregations of Alsace-Lorraine developed.

Although there had always been contacts between the EMF and the UEEM, for a number of reasons the two churches began tightening their links significantly at the beginning of the twenty-first century. During an extraordinary general meeting on the 5th October 2002 at Mulhouse it was decided to incorporate the “Église Méthodiste de France” (EMF) into the “Union de l’Église Evangélique Méthodiste” (UEEM), the change becoming effective from the beginning of 2003. A probationary period of three years allowed the testing of this move and permitted the success of the fusion. On the 2–3 April 2005, at the AGM at Landersen, the EMF officially joined the UEEM which itself changed its name to become officially the “Église Évangélique Méthodiste” (EEM). At the AGM at Anduze on the 1st–2nd April 2006 it was decided to change the official title to “Union de l’Eglise Evangélique Méthodiste de France” (UEEMF).

The UEEMF became a probationary member of the French Protestant Federation at the General Assembly of the FPF held at Paris on the 21st and 22nd January 2012.