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Union des Églises Évangéliques Libres

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The “Union des Églises Évangéliques Libres” was formed in 1849 when a certain number of Reformed churches wanting a clear statement of faith joined with some independent believers’ churches. The union therefore represents a coming togther of churches that require of their members a personal profession of faith and of churches that do not.

Between 1820 and 1848 a number of independent believers’ churches starting appearing alongside the previously established Lutheran and Reformed churches (themselves divided into orthodox and liberal wings). These new churches were not covered by the Concordat of 1801.

In the general disorder following the 1848 revolution, a General Assembly of Protestantism was called to propose a modification of the Concordat. The initial discussions, which centered around the question of the separation of church and state, were rendered void when the government decided to keep the Concordat in place. The discussions then turned to the question of the need for a doctrinal basis for the Reformed Church. The liberals did not want a statement of faith while the orthodox wanted one, but not if it meant dividing the church. Only a few men like Frédéric Monod, pastor at Paris, and Agénor de Gasparin, argued for a statement of faith even if it meant a rupture. The assembly refused to take a decision, so these men demissioned calling those that believed that the church must state its faith clearly to join them. Frédéric Monod was disappointed when he saw only a small minority following him; he would not be able to form an Evangelical Reformed Church.

Those that had left were then joined by some of the independant churches and church plants, and it is from this alliance that the “Union des Églises Évangéliques Libres de France” was formed. The constitutive Synode ended on the 1st September 1849.