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Mission Timothée

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A small church was planted in the centre of France in 1969 following an evangelistic camp. Other camps were organised and further towns evangelised in the south, the centre and the east of France, resulting in three other churches being founded from 1971 onwards.

At about the same time, several students had to leave their theological college because of a disagreement about the way they lived out their faith; there was no problem with their theology. They were sure of their calling, but because they could no longer practise their ministry in their original situations, they decided to work together. As a result “Mission Timothée” was founded in 1972 — it was not the result of a dream or a project, but the fruit of difficulties and of various meetings that were neither planned nor organised.

The young team met at Anduze (Gard) to build a “Reception Centre” aimed at welcoming new converts, Christians with problems, or “those hurt along the way”. It organised Biblical camps and, later, training sessions for helpers and missionary candidates.

It is by this work for the most part that the mission has developed. New calls are born, churches are planted; isolated groups of Christians call for help and then ask to join.