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Entente et Coordination des Œuvres Chrétiennes

[CEPFEP]Conseil National des Évangéliques de France

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Registered Office: Chez M. Watto, 35 avenue des Martyrs de Châteaubriant, 93700 DRANCY​.

Telephone : 09 52 01 75 84

Wishing to instil a certain dynamism and confidence into the relationships between Congolese churches, Albert Watto initiated the first European Conference of Congolese pastors in June 2000 with the theme “You will be by witnesses”. Nearly 80 delegates, from Italy, the United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, came to this meeting at the “Rocheton” Centre near Melun (77).

Several of them indicated to Albert Watto that he could help them in their organisation and from this remark came the idea of creating the “Entente Congolaise des Œuvres Chrétiennes” (ECOC) in July 2001.

Given that several non-Congolese churches had started joining the movement, the Annual General Meeting of the 26th October 2008 at Le Blanc-Mesnil (93) voted unanimously to change the name of the organisation. Without changing the initials, the new name kept in place the vision of the federation: “Entente et Coordination des Œuvres Chrétiennes” (ECOC).