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Communauté des Églises d’Expressions Africaines de France

Fédération Protestante de France

E-mail address: E-mail address cbwo@n@tkahcztf@maclecadfe.@flkr


Postal address: Secrétariat Général de la CEAF, 166 Rue de Lannoy, 59650 Villeneuve d’Ascq

Telephone: 06 25 32 53 88

Office visits: CEAF office, 4th floor, FPF, 47 Rue de Clichy, 75009 Paris

The CEAF is a union of protestant churches which include in their liturgy an expression of their “African-ness”. It recognises its position in the continuity of the Reformation.

It is a member of the French Protestant Federation, and is open to a wide range of manners of living out the Christian faith, working in the realms of mission and of evangelisation.

By its members, it is a means of contact between French Christianity and that of Africa.

The creation of Zairian churches in France began in the 1980s. First of all these were independent communities, but as time went on the need for better organisation was felt. In 1988, a work was started to list the different communities and identify their needs and ambitions, their desires and expectations. The following year the first conclusions were drawn: these communities needed structuring and training together with increased sharing of resources.

Starting in 1990, pastoral meetings were set up to try and implement these findings, as a result of which it was decided to create a permanent framework for meeting and training. It was thus in June 1990 that the decision to create the “Communauté des Églises Zaïroises de France” (CEZAF) was taken under the impetus of Majagira Bulangalire. Its aim was threefold: to assert its identity, its desire for mission and evangelism and its vocation.

Having opened itself to other African churches the CEZAF changed its name to become the “Communauté des Églises d’Expressions Africaines de France” (CEAF) in 1999.

In 2003 the CEAF became a full member of the French Protestant Federation (FPF).