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Apostolic Church

Église Apostolique

Conseil National des Évangéliques de France



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The Apostolic Church came out of the Welsh Revival, a religious movement that had a profound effect on this part of Great Britain during 1904 and 1905.

Amongst those who discovered the living Christ during this time one young man, Daniel Williams, was to play an important role in the forming of the Apostolic Church. He was born in 1882 in the small Welsh mining village of Penygroes. After his conversion he was called by prophecy to become pastor of the community of Penygroes.

In 1913, Daniel was called to the ministry of apostle and his brother Jones to that of prophet. Very quickly they received invitations from different groups of believers who wanted to hear the message that the Lord had given them. The experience of several of these had given them a very similar vision of the church, and in this way the following years saw a very rapid spreading of the “apostolic message”. In about twenty years, ninety different communities were formed in Wales alone.

It was in 1916 that the churches in Wales came together under the name of the Apostolic Church in Wales, and then in 1922 that the group united with other similar assemblies to form “The Apostolic Church” which has been, since then, the official name of the church.

In 1924 Carl Naeser, a Dane living in Paris, went to the Penygroes convention. The following year he invited the Williams brothers to visit the group of believers of which he had charge. In response to a prophetic call at the Penygroes convention of 1925, two young men, Tom Roberts and Robson were chosen for the work in France. Later, while at Paris, Tom Roberts asked the church in Great Britain for an evangelist, and in this way another Welshman, W. Gummer, arrived in Paris in 1928. In 1931, Tom Roberts took the “apostolic message” to Sanvic (Le Havre) and W. Gummer took charge of the new community. From there the work extended throughout Normandy.

The Apostolic Church had been a member of the French Protestant Federation since 1972, but announced its decision to leave at the council meeting of the FPF in October 2015.