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Action Missionnaire des Assemblées de Dieu de la Réunion (Mission “ Salut et Guérison”)

Conseil National des Évangéliques de France

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Registered address: 160 rue François de Mahy, 97490 Sainte-Clotilde.

Postal address: BP 772, 97475 Saint-Denis Cedex.

Telephone: 02 62 29 08 40

The AMADR is the mission of the Assemblies of God on the island of Réunion.

The French pastor Aimé Cizeron arrived at the island of Réunion on the 3rd June 1966 with the aim of starting a church planting work for the Assemblies of God. From the 3rd to the 31st August of the same year he held his first mission at the “Foyer des Anciens Combattants” (Old Soldiers’ Home) at Saint-Denis using the name “Mission Salut et Guérison” (Salvation and Healing Mission). The first conference started with seven people present, but after two weeks the hall was too small and the meetings continued outside. During the fourth week there were at least five thousand people present during the conferences.

Further missions were organised at Saint-André, Le Port and Saint-Paul such that on the 20th December 1966 three associations were declared at the Prefecture: the churches of Saint-Denis, Saint-André and Le Port with its annexe at Saint-Paul.

At the end of February 1967, after other missions had been organised, the churches of Saint-Pierre and Saint-Joseph were declared at the Prefecture.

After a year’s work there were a total of eight churches with four in the North of the island and four in the south.

After several years and the opening of further churches an “association of associations” was created to group them. It was called “L’Action Missionnaire des Assemblées de Dieu de la Réunion” (Missionary Action of the Assemblies of God of Réunion).

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