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During the installation of new software, updates to the database are temporarily suspended. We will do our best to limit the length of the interruption. We apologise for any inconvenience.

The decision to include or exclude a church from the database is under the unique responsibility of the committee of the CNEF responsible for the “Annuaire Évangélique”. They may explain their reasons for a choice, but they are under no obligation to do so.

By the precautions outlined here we are simply aiming to exclude those groups, which are certainly in the minority, which develop an independent spirit or a doctrine that does not correspond to the statement of faith of the CNEF and which would therefore harm the witness we wish to give of our Lord Jesus Christ.

All communication is to be sent to the CNEF Directory Service or by post to CNEF, 123 avenue du Maine, 75014 Paris — 01 43 21 12 78

A- For a church and its leaders (paper directory or internet)

Please supply details that confirm that your church really is an evangelical church:

B- For a parachurch organisation and its leaders (paper directory)

Please supply details confirming that your organisation is connected to the evangelical movement:

C- For a person who is not connected to a church or parachurch organisation (paper directory)

Most of the people mentioned in the “Annuaire Évangélique” are connected to an organisation that is itself referenced. In this case, please give the name of the organisation.

If you wish to be referenced for a personal activity or for an organisation for which you are responsible, or in the case of an independent professional activity, we will examine your request.

Some requests cannot be granted because the activity is not specifically “evangelical”, as for example lawyers, architects etc. It is not possible for us to include these in the directory but we can keep your details for the case where one of our members is looking for someone engaged in such an activity.

On the other hand, if you think that your activity includes specifically evangelical aspects, please indicate contact details of a church leader mentioned in the directory who could recommend you.