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France V.I.E.

Conseil National des Évangéliques de FranceRéseau FEF

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Address: 3 avenue du Manet, 78180 Montigny-les-Bretonneux

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During the 1960s, the flow of immigrants from the West Indies coming to France had considerably increased: a large number of Christians were leaving the West Indies to study or work in France. Faced with this exodus, pastors Harold Alexander and Antoine Poulain, president and vice-president respectively of the Evangelical Church in Gaudeloupe (EEG), contacted some French pastors and the French Evangelical Federation (now the Réseau FEF) between 1975 and 1978. After several meetings guided by the Lord, they agreed together that there was a need for the EEG to get involved in evangelical work in France.

The EEG therefore decided, in collaboration with the World Team mission that had already planted hundreds of churches in the Caribean, to send two missionary couples to the Paris region. One couple, of American origin had already worked for 8 years in Guadeloupe and Martinique (Ann and Steve Miller); the other couple came from the islands (Esther et Eliézer Hamlet).

They moved to the East Paris region in 1979. This is how the Communauté Évangélique (C.E.) has planted successively the Communauté Évangélique de Paris-Est (C.E.P.E.) and the Église Protestante Évangélique de la Courneuve (E.P.E.C.).

The mission France V.I.E. is a direct result of this work, being the representative of the mission World Team in France.

Currently the mission has roughly fifteen missionaries as well as two established churches (one in East Paris (77) which regroups the three West Indian churches that became the Église Protestante Évangélique “La Source”, and one at Cergy-Pontoise called the Église Protestante Évangélique de Cergy-le-Haut) and two church-plants (one at Magny-les-Hameaux Église Protestante Évangélique de la Vallée (78) and the other at Méru (60) Église Protestante Évangélique de Méru).